Whole Home Humidifier In Waxhaw

Looking for whole home humidifier in Waxhaw, NC. Dry air in your home can be a real problem. While too much humidity can create its own health hazards, having air that is too dry can lead to issues like chapped lips, bloody noses, sore or scratchy throats, or respiratory problems. These may be most noticeable in the winter months, but they can be alleviated through using a humidifier. Ideally, the level of humidity in your home should be in the 40-50% range. Installing a whole house humidifier can allow you to regulate this, adding moisture to the air in dry months that give the most problems. Cool Tech Heating & Air Conditioning can both install and service your humidifier, helping keep you comfortable where you live.

Whole Home Humidifiers
Install a whole home humidifier to alleviate the problems associated with dry indoor air in the winter.
Increase your wellness with a whole home humidifier. A whole house humidifier is a great option if you are concerned with or dealing with dryness issues or are tired of dealing with portable one room humidifiers.

Firing up your furnace during cold winter can really dry out the air. Dry air causes chapped lips, dry itchy skin, dry brittle hair, dry eyes,
respiratory issues, nosebleeds, and cracked woodwork. And as referenced by Vicks (the cold medicine manufacturer), a dry environment allows the flu virus to live longer.

A humidifier adds moisture back into the air through cool mist or steam.
Once a whole house humidifier is installed, operating it is simple. Just set the humidity level based on the outside temperature,
and the humidifier will run automatically as needed.

Types of Whole House Humidifiers
The three most common types of whole house humidifiers are the bypass whole house humidifier, fan powered humidifier, and steam humidifier.

Bypass Whole House Humidifiers
Bypass humidifiers work by circulating air from the furnace through a water-soaked medium pad. This moisturized air is then recirculated into the air ducts and dispersed through your home.

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Quieter to run than fan powered models.
Less moving parts, which means there is less that can break.

Not as efficient as a fan powered humidifier as some of the humidity is lost as the air circulates through the furnace.
Some heat is also lost in the process of warming the water vapor.
Requires the furnace to be running to operate.


Fan Powered Whole House Humidifiers
Fan powered humidifiers work the same way as bypass humidifiers but have their own fans to blow the air across the water soaked medium or pad.

whole home humidifier waxhaw

A fan powered humidifier is able to produce a gallon more humidity per day than a bypass humidifier.

Not as quiet as a bypass humidifier

Steam Humidifiers
Steam humidifiers use an electric heating element to heat a canister of water to generate steam. That steam is shot into the plenum of the furnace and distributed to the rest of the house.

whole home humidifier waxhaw

Steam humidifiers can be more efficient than fan powered or bypass humidifiers because it generates its own heat.
They are cleaner. The use of steam helps to prevent bacteria growth.

Steam humidifiers cost more initially and to operate than bypass humidifiers.

What to Know About Whole House Humidifiers
Yearly Maintenance

Whole house humidifiers need to be maintained yearly. A simple cleaning and replacement of the humidifier pad are usually recommended to be done yearly.

If you have a steam humidifier we recommend having a technician from Cool Tech perform your yearly maintenance. The canister (steam producing tank)
and probes might need to be replaced periodically.

Monitor the Humidity Levels

Many humidifiers come with humidistats that let you know the humidity level in your home.
It’s important to make sure that you do not over humidifier your home as well. Too much moisture in the air can lead to mold growth. Condensation on the windows or
the appearance of fog on windows or glass would be a sign that your humidity level is too high.

If you are interested in a whole home humidifier and want to alleviate your dry indoor air.

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