Why Is Furnace Maintenance Important?

Many furnaces break down because of lack of maintenance. Similar to how your car should get an oil change, your furnace should receive a tune-up once per year. When you schedule an annual heating tune-up, you could see:

Increased efficiency – As part of our inspection checklist, we will make sure your furnace is working at its peak performance levels to ensure it can reach maximum power efficiency.

Lower energy bills – One of the first signs your unit isn’t working properly is a spike in monthly energy bills. Annual maintenance ensures your unit is clean and not working harder than it needs to.

Longer lifespan – When you schedule annual maintenance, you can expect your unit to last longer with fewer major breakdowns.

Fewer breakdowns – Many common breakdowns can be avoided if the unit was properly taken care of. Avoid costly breakdowns and schedule annual maintenance.

Cool Tech can work all on makes and models of furnaces whether they are electric or run on natural gas. During a tune-up, our technicians will complete an extensive list of tasks that will help prolong the life of your unit, including:

Test and adjust the burners for maximum efficiency
Inspect the heat exchanger for hairline cracks
Inspect and adjust the ignition system
Calibrate the blower assembly
Inspect and test the vent pipe assembly
Test and reset the thermostat
Adjust and measure gas pressure to the unit
Replace disposable filters
Lubricate moving parts
Tighten electrical connections where necessary
Test for continuity and amp draw across the blower motor

Furnace maintenance is not a task to DIY. This comprehensive heating service requires extensive HVAC knowledge and could pose danger to those who don’t know what they’re doing. Leave maintenance to the professionals!

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